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Best retail management practices


How do you retain each and every customer that walks into your store or your business? Surveys have found out instances where the customers were inappropriately greeted or didn’t receive prompt service which were the reasons for frequent causes of frustrations for the customer.

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How to Set up a Wholesale Business & Target Retailers


In the current times when supermarkets and malls are gaining popularity, being a wholesaler is a huge challenge. Creating or choosing something worth buying keeping in mind your customer’s choices and preferences is every entrepreneur’s first challenge. That’s one on one interaction i.e. business to customer.

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Augmented Reality!


Augmented Reality! All Reality is Virtual! How confusing is that? How can something be real and virtual at the same time? But that’s not crazy anymore because technological advancements have taken us a long way. Various innovations and technologies have been discovered that links the real to the virtual world.

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